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Open-source, self-custodial crypto wallet with swift coin swaps and top-notch security. Create your wallet and dive in.
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Your private keys never leave your device. You have complete control over your digital assets.

Secure & Private

Unlike most other wallets, Rabbit’s architecture ensures your wallet is encrypted even while using it.


Transparency is paramount. The open-source approach ensures trust and accountability.


This is the wallet you will use as easily as your messenger. The most difficult technologies are packed in a surprisingly intuitive way.

What is a self-custodial wallet?

Unlike traditional banks or custodial wallets that hold your assets for you, Rabbit Wallet lets you store, manage, and trade cryptocurrencies independently. Here's why you should consider going self-custodial:

Full control

With a self-custodial wallet, you hold the keys to your assets, meaning that nobody, even Rabbit, could ever access your funds or interfere with your transactions.

Direct access to public blockchains

Having a self-custodial wallet also means direct access to public blockchains, resulting in faster transactions, no third-party fees, and increased flexibility.

Enhanced cryptocurrency security

Using exchanges like Binance or FTX means trusting them to keep your assets safe. However, they could be hacked, face financial trouble, or ban you unexpectedly. This could lead to a sudden loss of access to your funds. In contrast, a non-custodial wallet like Rabbit puts your funds directly in your control, greatly lowering the risk of losing them. Trust cryptography, not corporations.

Forget about selfies

No need for email addresses, phone numbers, or selfies. Enjoy the freedom of a system not controlled by anyone.
Friendly tip: Having your passphrase on a sticky note under a keyboard might not be the best way to store it.

Lightning-fast coin swap

Rabbit offers top-notch exchange rates and limits by dynamically comparing and selecting the most optimal exchange services in real-time. Swap assets within your wallet for the best rates with just a few clicks.

Extensive coin support

Rabbit Wallet supports over 50 of the most popular coins and tokens on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tron blockchains, covering almost 90% of the entire crypto market capitalization.

Hosted and Incorporated in Switzerland

Merely having perfect security algorithms and open sourceness is not sufficient. To ensure the utmost security for our wallet, Rabbit is located in the safest bay in the world – Switzerland. All data is encrypted using AES-256 and protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance (DPO). These comprehensive measures provide one of the highest levels of privacy protection available.

Support from developers

Never feel stranded with Rabbit Wallet. You can always ask a question and get help.

Easy migration

The migration process to Rabbit Wallet takes only a few clicks, and it does not revoke access to your old wallet.
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Don’t wait until the next FTX gets away with all your coins. Protect them now with Rabbit Wallet

Crypto exchanges can be vulnerable to hacks, regulatory issues, or even bankruptcy. By keeping your funds in a self-custodial wallet, you reduce the risk of losing your assets due to the failure of malpractice of a third-party service.
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Intuitively designed for security and comfort

Rabbit is everything you need to receive, store, send, and swap assets in a simple, beautiful, and functional package.
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Rabbit is designed to balance functionality and ease of use, so you have a wide set of features without sacrificing simplicity. As long as you can access a browser, you can securely access your coins.

The new financial era is already here

In a world where everything moves at the speed of light, why should our financial system lag behind? Imagine a world where no one should have the power to disapprove your transactions or freeze your funds. Where there are no more queues to bulky ATMs cluttering our streets. Where your finances shouldn't be a puppet to political whims or misguided government decisions. Where you can forget about outdated compliance procedures that eat up your time and energy. And where transferring any amount of money between any countries is as easy as sending a text message. Step into the new world of finance together with Rabbit Wallet.
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