Open source Bitcoin wallet
based in Switzerland

Rabbit is the wallet that can simply receive, send and store Bitcoin securely in your browser.

Secure by design

Zero access
to user data

From the ground up, Rabbit was designed in a way that makes your data inaccessible to anyone. Every bit of your information is encrypted with the keys, stored on your device; therefore Rabbit has no technical ability to hand over your data to third parties. Rabbit is the wallet that doesn’t sell you out. It’s just impossible by design.

Keep your money and information safe

Rabbit values your security and trust and aims to protect your data at every stage of the process.

Keys are always in your hands

Rabbit is client-based, which means that all wallet data is securely stored on your device and not on servers like PayPal, Coinbase, Strike and other platforms.

Wallet is encrypted at all times

Even when you are working on your wallet, all of the keys are securely encrypted.

Swiss SSL provider

Ensures your connection to Rabbit’s servers is securely encrypted. No one, not even your ISP can see what you are doing.

Hosted and incorporated in Switzerland

All meta information required by Rabbit to operate is AES-256 encrypted and protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance (DPO). These measures combined offer one of the strongest privacy protections possible. There is no safer way to use Bitcoin in your browser.

One-click sign up, no personal information required

It’s easy when privacy comes first. Imagine sending $10M to anyone on the planet and spending only a few seconds on it. To generate a new wallet, Bitcoin protocol needs nothing from you except one click. There’s no need for an email address, name, Know Your Customer/Know Your Client (KYC), verification, etc. Cryptography takes care of it. All of Rabbit’s features are available immediately after wallet creation.

Intuitively designed for security and comfort

Rabbit is designed to balance functionality and ease of use, so you have a wide set of features without sacrificing simplicity. As long as you can access a browser, you can securely access your coins.

Scheduled new features

Keep your eyes peeled! Rabbit will be updated with new features soon
Buy Bitcoin with Card
Feature released in February 2022
USDT stable coin
Feature expected in June 2022
Currency exchange
Feature expected in July 2022
Bitcoin payments API
Feature expected in August 2022

Financial privacy
is a fundamental human right

Financial privacy should be accessible to everyone regardless of their wishes of governments, banks, payment systems and political sentiments. We aim to help people make use of that right. Rabbit is free and will always be free. We believe that sending money should be as simple as sending a text message with zero security compromises. We trust cryptography.